Licensed Gilberton Possum Removal Service at an Affordable Rate!

With their ability to clear unwanted insects and pests, possums are indeed a blessing to Gilberton. But the cons outweigh the pros sometimes – and that happens to be the case with these seemingly innocent creatures. These may not be pests but possums are also not an animal to have around you and your loved ones. They can harm your property, pets, and sometimes, even you! The only way to keep them away from you is to rely on Professional Possum Removal Gilberton Service.

Firstly, we are a locally owned and operated company that has closely seen the damage possums leave behind. Secondly, we employ a group of highly trained catchers who carry out their job successfully every single time. Thirdly, we also offer Same Day Possum Removal Gilberton Service to the ones needing emergency treatment. And last but not least, our service is affordable to everyone, made even more attractive with discounts!

Possums are not ordinary animals you can remove by yourself. There are certain laws you need to follow when it comes to dealing with these marsupials. Thus, you may have concerns about whether we are certified to deal with possums or not. You don’t have to worry, though! Any Time Pest Control is licensed and carries the permit needed to catch possums.

As one of the veteran names in the possum removal industry, we are the perfect choice for your possum problems. Call us today on 0480092517 to learn more about our service.

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    Which possums are commonly spotted in Gilberton?

    We have been providing our professional service to the citizens for years. As a result, our service shows us that there are two possum species most active in Gilberton:


    Common Brushtail Possum

    You will see this possum wandering on the rooftops of your Gilberton property frequently. Brushtail possums are the second-biggest possum in Australia, with a pointed face, a pink nose, big ears, and an impressive bushy tail. These nocturnal animals can survive on trees or in your house or office. With their sharp teeth, these possums are able to feast on fruit, vegetable, and kitchen raids.


    Common Ringtail Possum

    Ringtail possums have a prehensile tail, helping them hang off the trees and your efforts like monkeys. Their other defining features include short ears, long whiskers, and clawed feet. While they usually live in forests and woodlands, with their recent choice of shelter being suburban gardens. Ringtail possums thrive on flowers, leaves, and flowers, including your rose bushes.

    There are many other possum species that pay a visit to the city, but they are a sporadic occurrence. These include Eastern Pigmy Possum, Sugar Glider, and Short-eared Possum. Thankfully, our Gilberton Possum Catchers are highly skilled and professional in dealing with any type of this marsupial species.

    How can possums harm you?

    Most of Gilberton residents might know about the visible dangers of possums. This will include clear signs of damage on your rooftop and side walls. But there are a few other ways in which the possum can harm you, your property, and your loved ones. Some of these are:

    If you are a proud dog or cat owner, you must take extra care of possum-proofing your Gilberton property. They can make your dogs and cats upset, which can lead to a fight and, in turn, injuries and diseases.

    Possums may be beneficial in making the pests disappear. But they also carry harmful parasites and bacteria in their body. If they manage to get their unhygienic body inside your property, the germs can spread around your property and affect you. In addition to this, there is an even more harmful thing about possums – their droppings.

    While they will eat snails and insects from your yard, most of the possums’ diet includes plants, flowers, and vegetables. As a result, your garden may be positively disrupted, making you pour dollars into fixing it.

    There are many DIY possum traps in the market, but you will have to be careful that they don’t get harmed at all. If you want a safe yet effective solution, then hiring our Gilberton Possum Catchers is the way to go.

    How do we set ourselves apart from others?

    There are a few benchmarks people use to decide if the possum removal service is worth it or not. At Any Time Pest Control, we go above and beyond that! Thus, along with having high-quality tools and a flexible strategy, we also provide the following:


    Guaranteed removal

    Many other services only catch the possums and declare the work is done. With us, you will get removal service for every possum on your property – not just the one you spotted. Our team also sanitises the areas in your house or office showing droppings, fluids, and germs left by these marsupials.


    Customer satisfaction

    In areas like Gilberton, many people depend on referrals or online recommendations for getting a good service. We have worked in every neighbourhood in the city and, thus, with one of the most preferred services for many residents. Moreover, we have an impressive online presence, along with a growing list of positive reviews and ratings.


    Attractive discounts

    There are many services in the city that charge a ridiculous amount and may have hidden charges. But not our Possum Removal Gilberton Service. Not only are we affordable, but we also give tons of discounts to our customers from time to time. These are available all year long on special occasions and can go up to 20%!

    If you want to learn more about our work, get a cost estimate, or book us, you can get in touch with us!

    How does our expert Possum Catchers Gilberton work?

    We don’t just catch the possum and call it a day! Instead, our team uses a strategic method to handle these creatures, which goes like this:

    Pre-removal inspection:

    Our expert possum catchers believe in giving you the most strategic service. Thus, the first thing we do is inspect your Gilberton property to note down the number of possums present. We also check where their nest is and the places where the damage is most concentrated.

    Safe removal:

    Our team uses innovative techniques to catch the marsupials. Once safely in our hands, we put them in our failsafe cages and work on treating the damage. If there is a nest on your property, we get rid of it. We also clean up their droppings and fluids with our eco-safe products.

    Post-treatment assessment:

    After the removal, our team confirms that there are no hidden possums on your property. We also give you tips on how to protect your house or office from these marsupials in the future.

    If you are worried about what we do with the possums, don’t worry! Our Possum Removal Gilberton Experts know safe places to release these creatures and do so immediately and carefully.

    Emergency Possum Removal Gilberton Service

    Being proactive is much better than facing risky consequences later. Similarly, it is much better to call the experts as soon as you spot this marsupial hiding in the trees or on your rooftop. To help out with such an urgent matter, we provide Emergency Possum Removal Services in Gilberton.

    Our emergency service is effective within an hour, as that is the timeframe we take to reach your Gilberton property. We perform the removal with quick yet safe hands to complete the process as early as possible. Moreover, we don’t charge this service at a higher rate. Instead, our team is transparent in their work as well as prices!

    Same Day Possum Removal Service in Gilberton

    There are times you may suspect your property has a possum infestation but don’t know how to find out. Or you are cleaning your house or office and see this marsupial lounging on one of the tall trees. For these and similar situations, you must give us a call for Same Day Possum Removal Gilberton Service.

    We prioritise taking care of your property while catching the possums. As a result, all our catching methods are environment-friendly, and so are the sanitising solutions we use. We follow our quick work with beneficial tips and tricks to keep the possums away from you in the future.

    Residential Possum Removal Service in Gilberton

    If you have a house in Gilberton with a roof and a big garden, prepare to say hello to possums in the near future. These marsupials pay a visit to your residential property because of the easy availability of food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, their visit can become a permanent stay – if you don’t take action soon enough.

    You can rely on us for an excellent Residential Possum Removal Gilberton Service. Our team is an expert in handling possums in a humane way. We also help sanitise the areas where they have left their mess, such as their nest and droppings. Moreover, you can get this service at a budget-friendly price!

    Commercial Possum Removal Gilberton Service

    As long as their basic needs are met, possums can inhabit any space. So, don’t be surprised if you see this innocent-looking creature on your office’s rooftop or storage spaces. Having possums in your workplace is twice as dangerous because their presence affects all your employees and, indirectly, their families as well.

    For any unforeseen possum infestation, reach out to us for a certified Commercial Possum Removal Service in Gilberton. Wherever the marsupials may be, in an office, warehouse, or restaurant, be assured that we will take care of it. Our team also works hard to clean up the places they stayed at so that your commercial property is truly possum-free.

    Expert tips to have a possum-free Gilberton property

    Your property is precious and must be protected from possums all the time. Thus, we have devised a list of tricks you can employ to discourage the marsupials from harassing you. Some of these are:

    If you want these marsupials to have a safe place without disturbing you and your loved ones, we have a solution! You can install nest boxes at a safe distance from your house or office, near trees. The possums will go to these nest boxes and leave you and your property alone.

    There are many approved toxin-free possum repellents that we recommend to our Gilberton customers. These help in keeping the possums from turning up at your residential or commercial place. You can ask us about this and use the ones most suitable for you.

    Once inside the premises, possums hide in the tall grass and shrubbery, which is why it is essential to clean your garden. Trim the grass and the overgrown bushes and plants, and make sure to keep the yard as tidy as possible. This will be enough to deter these animals.

    Another layer of protection will be to make sure not to keep your garbage cans outside, as those can attract the possums to your property. You can, instead, dispose of the waste on time and in a safe way.

    According to our experts, these control tips are more than enough to protect your family and employees. These will work especially well after our Professional Possum Removal Gilberton Service.

    Why must you hire our Expert Possum Removal Gilberton Service?

    As a trustworthy Possum Removal Service in Gilberton, we offer our customers many benefits. Some of these are:

    Local knowledge

    Being a local business has given us an edge over other services. How so? Because we know almost all the corners of the city, the places where possums can come from, and where to release them. As a result, our service is efficient and quick and caters to customers all across Gilberton.

    Team of Expert Catchers

    The catchers go through a background check and intensive interviews to become a part of our team. Each of them is trained and certified to handle possums. On top of that, they have excellent people skills and can make the entire process easier for you!

    Eco-friendly method

    The techniques we use to catch and remove possums are entirely safe and eco-friendly. Using these methods will damage neither your loved ones nor your property. Even our catching tools, traps, and cages are equally as safe and effective.

    24/7 availability

    We understand that you may need professional help in removing possums any time of the day, even at night. Keeping this in mind, we have a dedicated staff ready to answer your calls and queries 24/7. You can reach out to us to clear your doubts, request a free estimate, or book an appointment.

    Cost-effective removal

    We offer our Possum Removal Gilberton service at a budget-friendly rate. Moreover, not only are we affordable, but also cost-effective. Our team ensure this by taking extra measures to secure your property against future possum infestations. All you must do is invest once and live a possum-free life for a long time.

    Licensed service

    Last but not least, our quality service carries a license to handle these lovely marsupials. Moreover, our skilled experts never resort to harmful ways to catch the possums; they are gentle yet flawless during the process.

    Avail of our professional Possum Removal Service in Gilberton at a reasonable rate! Reach out to our team on 0480092517 to know more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is possum control important in Gilberton?
    Ans. Possums can mess up your garbage, attack your pets, eat every other plant in your garden, and damage your house. In simple words, these marsupials can wreak havoc in your life. Unlike other pests, it is illegal to harm possums in any way. Thus, the only solution to this little dilemma is to book a possum removal appointment with Any Time Pest Control.

    How much damage can a possum do to my Gilberton house?
    Ans. Possums can squeeze themselves into any property, may it be a commercial complex or a small Gilberton house. In the latter’s case, most damage is seen in attics or roofs – where possums mostly dwell. As a result, your rooftop will have skewed shingles, torn soffit, and damaged gutters. These creatures are also likely to gnaw on electrical wires near your roof or in the attic. On top of that, if you have a pet, there will be droppings and torn packets of pet food.

    What happens if a possum attacks you?
    Ans. Possums will not voluntarily attack you unless they feel cornered or threatened. So, not many know how they attack you, but our Possum Removal Gilberton Experts do have this information! Possums usually play dead when they perceive you as a threat, coming alive when you least expect it. If you are harassing it for no reason, these marsupials will growl and try to bite you. Beware of their bites because the mouth of possums is full of infectious germs.

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