Professional Possum Removal Service in Parkville

Australian wildlife is full of unique animals that you love to read about. But once any one of them pays a visit to your house or office, they become dangerous. One such wild animal is the possum. This indigenous animal is a frequent visitor to Parkville properties. They don’t directly harm humans, but their presence itself is an invitation to a list of harmful problems. As a result, they have been deemed a pest in the suburb. Dealing with them is a risky situation that only our Professional Possum Removal Parkville Experts can deal with.
If you think of dealing with possums without expert assistance, let us warn you about the potential danger. Unless you have a permit, handling possums is illegal in Australia. If you accidentally harm them or exterminate them with your DIY solutions, there could be severe problems. To avoid this situation, we offer possum control services for the residents of this suburb.
Our experts are trained to deal with these marsupials, who do so with care and efficiency. We capture possums with state-of-the-art tools and advanced solutions. Thanks to our strategic procedure, we yield successful results every single time. Our service doesn’t just remove possums but also takes care of the damage they leave behind. This damage is seen near the roofs of your house, in the kitchen, and in your gardens. We clean everything up and take preventative measures to prevent possum infestation in the future.
As a trustworthy possum removal company, we have made our service as customer-friendly as possible. As a result, we offer 24/7 customer support, free quotation, all-around service, and reasonable rates. Due to these features – and many more – Parkville residents avail of our service from time to time. You can find out more about us by reaching out to us!

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    What are possums?

    Also known as gliders and cuscus, possums are a type of marsupial species mainly found in Australia. Most people confuse these fuzzy little mammals with opossums, which are common in North and South America. The main difference is their tails; possums have thick and furry tails, with some of the types exhibiting prehensile tips.
    There are different types, including Brushtail possums, which have a prehensile tail; Ringtails, with sharp molars; and Sugar Gliders, who use the skin between their legs and arms to keep them afloat in the air.
    Most possums have grown used to living in the trees of urban Parkville . However, they are also known to build a nest in your house, especially to escape the cold during winter. While these creatures are typically peaceful, they can still cause damage to your property and, in rarer cases, to you. Their droppings also carry many diseases, making their presence dangerous.
    Possums may seem cute and fluffy, but they should not be engaged without professional assistance. Call Anytime Pest Control’s team of experts if you spot this creature around you.

    Types of Possums Found in Australia

    Possums are a native species of Australia, with a few of the sub-species found in Parkville . Some of these are:


    Brushtail Possum

    This nocturnal creature is a common pest not only in Parkville but also in Australia. Brushtail possums can grow up to 58-60cm, making them the second-largest type of possum. They feast on fruits, flowers, and leaves, which is why it is mainly spotted near kitchen areas and gardens.


    Sugar Glider

    Sugar Gliders are the type that can glide through the air. Commonly found in Victoria, these pests need nectar, sap, and insects to survive. Their choice of habitation is the hollows in the tree. So, check out the garden of your property to check their presence.


    Ring-tailed Possum

    Ring-tailed possums are a resident of Parkville , with a unique tail and sharp, pointed teeth. They can grow up to 35 cm long, excluding the tail, and lead an arboreal, nocturnal life. They are found in areas filled with trees and plants, as their source of energy is leaves and flowers.


    Mountain Pygmy Possum

    You can find Mountain Pygmy possums in Australia’s alpine areas. This species is the only marsupial that can hibernate for longer periods. As they are listed as a critically endangered species, our Experts in possum removal services in Parkville use efficient techniques to remove and transfer them to safety.

    Possums are under the protection of the law in Australia. It is illegal to interfere with this species. Possums in your house, parks, and commercial buildings warrant Expert Possums Removal Service in Parkville .

    In Parkville , What Attracts Possums to Your House?

    Possums are an unexpected visitor in any Parkville house. If the property has a plant-filled garden, possums can build their nest on trees. But what drives them to your home? The answer lies in the multiple food sources you may have around.
    Things like fallen fruits in your garden, unsealed trash cans, and pet food are attractive to possums. If you have a garden full of flowers, fruits and trees, like eucalyptus, there is a high chance you will see these creatures on your property. Other things possums appealing to them are odour-filled homes, chicken coops, and bird seed dispensers.
    As possums are nocturnal, their horrendous hissing and screeching will not let you rest and relax. They may seem mellow around humans, but possums are known to attack your pets. To protect yourself, your pets and your property, we advise you to take a few measures. See to it that your house has no weird smells, and make sure to dispose of all your food properly.

    What Are the Dangers of Possums?

    Many people underestimate just how dangerous possums can be. Our Possum Removal Experts have compiled a list of harmful effects of possums to make you aware:

    Fleas and Ticks Carrier: Possums are known to carry fleas, ticks, lice and mites. These pests are harmful to your fur babies. Their prolonged presence can also give your house fleas and tick infestations. The only way to safeguard you and your property is by reaching out to Quality Possum Removal Service in Parkville .

    Diseases: Tularaemia is a bacterial disease you get after touching and handling infected animals. Possums, especially Ringtail possums, are known to carry the germs that cause this particular disease. Moreover, their faeces are big, disgusting, and full of germs – and thus, a harmful thing to have on your property.

    Property damage: In the case of a house in urban areas, possums live on the rooftops, which is also one of the ways they can enter your property. Their presence can cause damage to the roofs, side walls, and gutters. If they make their way inside, they chew through insulation and ducts to build their nests.

    Efficient possum control service in Parkville

    Australia has strict laws on dealing with possums. This law clearly states that without the approval Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DELWP), you can’t harm them in any way. Thankfully, we are one of the Possums Removal Services in Parkville that have all the right certificates and licenses.
    Our experts have years of experience in dealing with possums, whether alive or dead. Moreover, our possum catchers are professionals, using only the most efficient procedures to handle possums. We also carry advanced equipment that catches these creatures without harming them in any way.
    If you have a dead possum on your premises, it will be more difficult to deal with it. Dead possums emit a foul odour and attract insects and other animals. For such cases, you must opt our Same-day Possum Removal in Parkville . We arrive within an hour after the appointment to get rid of the carcass in no time. We also apply organic solutions to remove the odour and decrease the damage left by dead possums.
    Once you hire us, you will never have to search ‘How to deal with possums in Parkville ?’ We guarantee safe and efficient possum removal assistance thanks to our Proactive Parkville Possum Catchers.

    Signs of a possum infestation in your Parkville property

    These nocturnal creatures can avoid being seen by you, but the signs they leave behind are enough to tell you about their presence. Here are some signs they have infested your property:

    You may want to check your property for possums if you have trouble sleeping at night due to loud scratching and hissing. These creatures are most active at night when they go foraging. The sounds are similar to rodents, but they are comparatively louder and a little heavier.

    Possums are known to defecate regularly, even more than most mammals. Moreover, their faeces are as huge as that of a cat’s. These are wet, have a disgusting smell, and are prone to make the area damp and dirty.

    As possums thrive on pet food, quickly make this item disappear. If you observe it finishing earlier than expected, you must check your Parkville property for a possum infestation.

    Property damage is a common sign when it comes to possum infestation. It is visible mainly near roofs and attics, as that is where possums primarily build their nests. These signs are damaged roofs, broken gutters, and torn soffits.

    If your house has suddenly started smelling foul, with no visible source, you may have a dead possum on your property.

    As soon as you notice any of these signs, reach out to Reliable Possum Removal Service in Parkville to handle these pests.

    Reasons why you should hire possum removal experts

    Even if they don’t harm you directly, a possum infestation is not something you must take lightly. There are certain risks related to having possums on your property, making professional help crucial in these cases. Here are some of the reasons why you must call Humane Possum Removal Experts to deal with these creatures:

    • The body of a possum is a carrier of germs and bacteria that can harm your and your pet’s health.
    • Possums feel the need to defend themselves from other animals. Thus, they can attack your pets and eat their food if they find their way into your house.
    • Touching possums can transmit diseases to you. Moreover, their sharp molars and claws can cause injuries and wounds. As a result, you can’t handle this creature, whether alive or dead, is not easy, unless you have the right tools at your disposal.

    Our possum catchers are adept in dealing with possums and have done so for years. Their efficient work has helped a lot of Parkville residents, and it can help you too. All you must do is book our Possum Removal Service.

    Our Experts Will Assist You in Your Possum Removal Endeavour

    As a native species of Australia, the country has taken steps to protect possums from any risks. It is made possible through the Wildlife Act 1975, which tells you that these creatures are not to be harmed in any way. It also states that the possums found in buildings or municipal properties, like gardens and parks, can be controlled.
    It is also illegal to trap these creatures without a permit and the intention to release them safely. All you can do is call our Efficient Possum Removal Parkville Experts to hand this pest problem over to them. Our team carries a permit to safely handle the possums and deliver them out of your property. We do so with an efficient procedure, followed by safety measures that’ll help you avoid possum infestation in the future.
    Our way of working is functional and practical, and we provide assistance right from the start. Once you book our appointment, we will reach your property at the earliest. The first step in our procedure is to inspect the entire area to pinpoint where the nest of these possums is. Our next step is to apply the treatment to secure the possum. Our experts carry out the removal process without disrupting your schedule.

    The effective possum removal procedure

    Removing a possum on your own can be a bit of a hassle:

    • They have sharp claws and pointed molars that can cause you harm.
    • You can never exterminate them as they are protected by law.
    • It can be time-consuming, as you may not know where to release them safely.

    For these reasons – and many more – we have put in place a highly effective possum removal process that works on every Parkville possum infestation.


    Our experts thoroughly inspect your property to pinpoint the entry sites. We also find the type of possums we will be dealing with, their nest and whether it is a live creature or dead.

    Possum removal:

    We make a removal strategy for your property based on the information we gather. We then discuss the plan with you and only work on it after your approval. Our cages, traps, and other solutions are safe yet efficient in catching these creatures. In case of a dead possum, we remove it with no delay.

    Post-removal check-up and preventive measures:

    We follow our removal procedure with a post-inspection. This is to ensure that no possible hideout is left unchecked. We take special care to prevent possum infestation in the future. Our experts also give you tips and tricks you can carry out on your own to keep them out of your property. These include carefully stashing the food and netting your fruit trees and plants.

    Possum removal costs in Parkville

    The cost of the Possum Removal Service in Parkville depends on many factors. Our points of consideration are:


    The location in Parkville


    The size of your property.


    The level of possum infestation.

    We calculate the total cost based on these points. But if you think it will be expensive and out of your budget, you couldn’t be more wrong.
    Our service is as efficient as it is affordable. In fact, we are hailed as one of the most Affordable Possum Removal Services in Parkville . Moreover, as no possum situation is similar to others, our treatments – and therefore, our prices – are personalized accordingly. With our protective steps to decrease the chances of another infestation in the future, you also get a cost-effective service.
    So, if you want a budget-friendly yet high-quality service that helps with possum removal, Anytime Pest Control is your best choice.

    Expert Parkville possum removal for homes and businesses

    Possums are a common problem in Parkville houses. But these creatures are also known to infest commercial places, such as the buildings of various businesses. They may not have a roof to live on in business areas, but they have great warm, food-filled places perfect for these creatures. As a result, our possum catchers are experts in removing possums from home environments as well as business places.
    Our advanced tools and tried-and-tested methods are more than enough to guarantee the safe removal of the pest from your property. Moreover, you can rest easy with us as we are licensed and permitted to perform such a delicate act. Also, all our work is non-toxic and eco-friendly, which helps us to protect your house or office.
    Our professionals offer their service all around Parkville . Thus, do not hesitate to call us, whether you live in the heart of the suburb or on the outskirts.

    Emergency possum removal service in Parkville

    Do not be fooled by the harmless and innocent faces of the possums – they can be surprisingly dangerous. Along with property damage and spreading diseases, they can also harm you with their sharp claws and teeth. These creatures must be dealt with immediately as soon as you spot them. How will you do that? By booking our Emergency Possum Removal Service.
    Our emergency services offer you a lot of advantages. We are available 24/7, as well as on weekends and holidays. Thus, you can contact us anytime, and we will respond immediately. After booking us, we will arrive at your place within an hour. Our possum removal treatments are unique to every customer and quick yet efficient. All our methods are highly safe, not only for you but also for the marsupials.
    This emergency service has made us one of the Go-to Possum Removal Services in the suburb.

    Same-day possum control in Parkville

    Noticing a possum on your property may lead you to discover a full-fledged infestation. There is visible damage to the roof and droppings everywhere around you. Letting the possums wander on your premises would not be a good idea. Firstly, you can’t exterminate them as they are one of Australia’s protected species. And secondly, possums living in your house or office can lead to a number of problems.
    The next step of action is to call us, as we offer Same-Day Possum Control in Parkville . Our round-the-clock service helps you in removing possums whenever you want. Our Expert Possum Catchers are always alert and can easily adjust to sudden, unplanned appointments. We extend our services to cover both industrial and residential places. So, don’t worry about calling us at odd hours because we can visit to perform a safe possum removal day and night.

    Residential Possum Removal Service in Parkville 

    Possums live up in your roofs and attics and are known to come out during the night. But if the food in your house is accessible, they may also show up anytime in the day. Possums have adapted well to living in a residential area, which is why you must always be alert. All you can do is take proactive measures to stop them from infesting your house. But once they do, your best bet for treating them is hiring our Residential Possum Removal Service.
    Our team of possum catchers are licensed to handle possums found in Parkville houses. We extract them away from your place and release them back safely. Moreover, our staff also cleans the mess left behind by these creatures and secures the potential entry points. We also give you a few pointers that have always proved effective in keeping possums away from your house.

    Domestic possum removal service in Parkville

    A possum infestation can be seen in a number of signs. Your roof may be damaged, your attic may emit a disgusting odour, and there are huge droppings everywhere. On top of that, your fruits, leaves and flowers are half eaten, the pet food in your kitchen vanishes, and wires are chewed out. In the case of a dead possum, your residential premises may reek of a stench that almost makes you faint.
    These signs are enough to call Anytime Pest Control. We offer Domestic Possum Removal Service in Parkville that is reliable and cost-effective. Our removal procedure is conducted with the utmost care so we cause no harm to everyone involved, including these creatures. We add a layer of safety to our service by using only organic products in our treatment. This action ensures that your domestic premises are safe and devoid of odour, droppings and bacteria. Find out more about our service by contacting us!

    Commercial possum removal Parkville

    Possums are not only a household problem but are also frequently seen in offices and other commercial areas. The signs and symptoms are the same, but the effects can be a little more dangerous in these spaces. Commercial sites have a lot more people on the premises, thus endangering all of them in case of a possum infestation. A dead possum in your office can make your workplace smelly and unpleasant. This can have a noticeable effect on the functioning of your team.
    A foolproof remedy for this problem is to hire our Commercial Possum Removal Parkville Services. Our experts are licensed and certified to deal with possums in workplace areas. We use advanced tools to trap them and employ non-toxic solutions to deal with the damage they leave. You get a quick treatment so that we don’t affect your workflow.

    Why Should You Hire Anytime Pest Control Parkville For Possum Removal?

    As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring professionals for Possum Removal in Parkville . But if you are still not convinced, here are some attractive features that our family of customers swear by:

    Licensed experts

    Handling possums is a tricky business. As a result, our team comprises only experts who are licensed and certified. We also have the proper permit to deal with possums and put them safely back in their natural habitat. Our professionals are skilled and calm during the work, which is why we have had many successful removals to date.

    Safe solutions

    Our safety measures extend not only to the possums but also to you. We use innovative tools, such as cages and traps, that are safe for the creatures. Our solutions are chemical-free, so we can treat your damaged property without endangering your health.

    Customer-centric approach

    We put customer satisfaction over everything else. This lets us focus on you and your needs always. We do so through our round-the-clock service, which makes it easy for you to get in touch with us. We also offer free quotes on our service to help you decide. With us, you can expect an Efficient Possum Removal Service in Parkville that is cost-effective, reliable and reasonably priced.

    Hiring our experts is the best decision to deal with the possum problem on your property. We ensure that your property is possum-free for a long time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you get rid of possums permanently in Parkville ?
    Ans. You can employ a few solutions, but the chances of them succeeding are low. So, instead of wasting your time and effort on homemade remedies, you must hire our Effective Possum Control Services in Parkville . We are a reliable company in the suburb that permanently ensures your property is possum-free.

    What attracts possums to your house?
    Ans. Possums usually enter your house for water, pet food, and a garden filled with fruits and edible plants. These marsupials thrive on these things, and if you keep these in the open, possums will be attracted to your house.

    What time do possums come out at night?
    Ans. Possums are usually active after the sun sets, somewhere around 6:00 PM. They spend their nights searching for food and rest during the day in their nests. This nocturnal behaviour makes it hard for people to see them. But you can notice their presence through the signs they leave.

    What noises are possums scared of?
    Ans. Possums are afraid of sounds emitted by predatory animals. These noises include hissing, screeching and grunting. If you want to terrify a possum off your property, you can scare them away with these sounds. But our Expert Possum Catchers in Parkville advise you to get professional help to remove them from your property.

    Why are possums protected in Parkville ?
    Ans. Possums are a native wildlife species. Moreover, some of the types are critically endangered. To preserve this species, Australia has put a law that makes harming possums illegal. You can’t put these creatures in danger in any way. But you can call Anytime Pest Control for a Safe Possum Removal Service in Parkville .

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